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Here are some frequently asked questions we receive.

Do you clean the inside of the vehicles? 
No, we don't clean the inside of the vehicles. However, we do have free self serve vacuums.

If I add a second vehicle to my unlimited wash plan, how much of a discount do I receive?
If you have the $32 plan, the second vehicle would be $27. For the $26 plan, the second vehicle would be $24. We do not offer a discount for multiple vehicles on the $22 plan. 

I'm afraid to go through the car wash. Can I just have one of your employees take it through for me?
Unfortunately, our employees are not allowed inside customer vehicles due to liability issues. You must remain in your car for the duration of the car wash.

Why can't I pay cash for the unlimited car wash plan?
The cost of the monthly plan is automatically debited from your account every 30 days until cancelled and is very easy to keep record of. Cash is harder to keep track of, and it would be difficult to create and send invoices or receipts every time a cash payment is received. With a card on file, the system automatically debits the amount and sends a receipt to your email or cell phone number on file. 

How do I cancel my unlimited wash plan?
We make cancelling very simple for our customers. To cancel your plan, just email us at Be sure to include your name and a brief reason on why you're cancelling and we'll respond with a confirmation as soon as we receive your email.  You can also cancel in person during normal business hours. 

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