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1. Fleet Account holders receive a flat rate discount on a selected service. Discounts are based on the number of vehicles in the fleet, level of service, and how often services will be used. Discount amount must be agreed upon prior to account activation. Services rendered will be billed on a monthly basis. In order to participate in this program, the minimum activity level is $100/month. Other monthly plans are available if the estimated use of services does not equal the minimum requirement.

2. Payment must be made 15 days from date of invoice. If the account is not paid after 30 days, Xtreme Clean Auto Spa reserves the right to stop use of the account until full payment is received. 3. Xtreme Clean Auto Spa reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions of the Fleet Account program at any given time. A written notice will be sent to the Fleet Account holder no less than 30 days prior to the effective date of any change.

4. Fleet Account holders may terminate the account at any time with 30 days prior written notice. 5. A non-transferable Fleet Account RFID Tag must be affixed to the windshield of each fleet vehicle at time of registration. Lost or damaged tags must be reported to Xtreme Clean Auto Spa immediately. Xtreme Clean Auto Spa is not responsible for unauthorized use of tagged vehicles.

6. For Fleet Accounts with multiple cars, a 6 digit code may be issued to the account holder only. Xtreme Clean Auto Spa is not responsible for any unauthorized use of code. Account holders may choose their own code.

7. Xtreme Clean Auto Spa reserves the right to refuse service to vehicles in unsatisfactory or unsafe conditions. Such conditions include, but are not limited to; ladder racks, preexisting vehicle damage, excessive dirt or mud, cracked windshields, etc.

8. Xtreme Clean Auto Spa promises to deliver the agreed upon services on any given day providing the account is in good standing and the Auto Spa is open for business. Account holder must agree NOT to hold Xtreme Clean Auto Spa responsible for not providing services due to inclement weather, damaged equipment, or being closed for any reason.

9. All Fleet Account holders/users agree to abide by the rules and regulations of this agreement and others that may be added from time to time.

10. Any breach or default by the Fleet Account holder or its users shall permit Xtreme Clean Auto Spa to terminate, suspend, or revoke use of this account.

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